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Refurbishing Services

One of the things that we do best at Buckner Trailer is refurbishing well-used trailers. At Buckner, a refurb is a lot more than a new coat of paint and a brake job. Prior to beginning our work, we check the trailer's geometry loaded and unloaded using lasers and plumb lines to determine the unit's ability to carry loads. We then completely disassemble the trailer and blast all components, reviewing every inch of the trailer to determine what is necessary to get it back to like-new performance. We then re-build the trailer from the ground up (including re-cambering and strapping components that have lost their ability to properly withstand loads), install all new electrical and hydraulic lines, and finish with new paint and decals, ensuring that when we are finished the trailer will look and perform like new. A full refurb is a very involved process (a listing of the steps we perform is 9 pages long), but when we are finished, you will have essentially a brand new unit for considerably less cost.

We invite We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our refurbs or get more pictures of work we have done in past.

Roadside Quartering Away Front – Before & After

Center of Deck Looking Toward Gooseneck – Before & After

Rear Center of Stinger Looking Toward Neck – Before & After

Center of Deck Looking Toward Bogie – Before & After

Test Load During Repairs


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