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At Buckner Trailers we specialize in manufacturing the highest quality heavy haul trailer on the market. With over 150 years of combined experience our highly skilled staff takes a personal interest in every trailer we build. We specialize in custom-built and designed trailers and add the highest American craftsmanship to every trailer we build.

There are many features that combine to make a Buckner's quality best in class. Among those are:

  • All of our structural components (main beams, hooks, towers, teardrops, etc.) are made from T-1® steel, a quenched and tempered alloy prized for its strength and durability. With a yield strength of 100,000 pounds per square inch (PSI), this abrasion resistant steel has among the best strength to weight ratios of any alloy commercially available, making it ideal for the demanding heavy haul industry (for comparison, typical cold-rolled steel has a yield strength of approximately 60,000 PSI).

  • Our gooseneck to deck hookup (utilizing hooks as opposed to pins and stirrups) is prized by operators for its ease of use and ability to solidly hook-up on any terrain.

  • Our pins are machined from 4150 steel, heat-treated chromoly alloy with tensile strength of up to 110,000 PSI. This is the same steel that is used in the barrels for the M16 and M4 tactical rifles standard issued by the US military, selected for its strength and toughness.

  • Our design puts a very high emphasis on making the trailer as lightweight as possible without compromising strength and integrity.

  • We utilize some of the best parts available in the world in building our trailers. In selecting parts to use in our equipment, quality and durability are the single most important factors we consider. This leads us to partner with companies like Holland®, Ridewell®, Hendrickson-Turner®, Dura-Brite®, Webb Wheel®, Goodyear®, Truck-Lite®, Yokohama®, and many others to provide our customers with equipment that will serve them well for years

The equipment we build is backed up by our own repair shop and a sincere commitment to stand behind the quality of our workmanship. We invite you to contact us today to discuss your specialized heavy haul needs.


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