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You can't talk about the history of Buckner Trailers without first talking about Mitch Liddell. Mitch was a legend in the heavy haul trailer industry. Mitch dedicated his life to building quality trailers and servicing his customers better than anyone else in the industry. When Mitch started Liddell Trailers over 20 years ago, he reached out to Frank Buckner, the founder of the Buckner Holdings family of companies, and shared his idea of building a business around customized trailers. Frank had a building in Springville, AL that both agreed would serve the business well. A handshake deal was reached on a lease arrangement (Mitch and Frank both valued a man's word far more than a piece of paper and both conducted their businesses in that manner), and for the next 20 years or so the Buckner family served as Liddell Trailers' landlord and came to know many of the folks at Liddell Trailers as friends.

Unfortunately, Liddell Trailers was subjected to Mitch's sudden passing away and the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression at about the same time. The combination was more than the company could withstand. In 2010, Liddell Trailers closed up shop and its assets were scheduled for sale in a liquidation auction. The Buckner family, being somewhat familiar with the business due to its decades-long relationship, saw an opportunity to keep Mitch's vision alive. They purchased all of Liddell's equipment (which was in place in their building) and started Buckner Trailers in September of 2010 with a goal toward providing the same quality and service that Mitch had provided his customers. They were soon joined by many of the members of Liddell's team (including the plant manager, quality control manager, shop foreman, purchasing manager, finishing end supervisor, engineer, designer, and programmer) and have been focused on world class quality and service since then.










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