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Welcome to Buckner Trailers

At Buckner Trailers, we believe the best things are still made by hand, one at a time. We are American craftsmen, building the absolute best trailers in the heavy-haul industry. We are not an assembly line stamping out cookie-cutter equipment limiting our customers to a handful of standard models. Our equipment is infinitely customizable to your needs and each trailer is handcrafted with pride and ingenuity. We pour all our efforts in each project, with all the pride that you would expect to find in a company rooted in American values of hard work, perseverance, and integrity. We specialize in designing and building trailers that are as unique as the companies that put them to work.

In addition to designing and building new trailers, we provide repair, refurbishing, and modification services on a wide range of equipment, including Liddell®, Fontaine®, Trail King®, XL Specialized®, and Talbert®. Our team has decades of experience modifying existing equipment and building specialty


components to fit up to existing trailers. We also serve as a dealer/broker of used heavy haul transportation equipment.

Your business is built on hard work and dedication – so is ours. With almost 3 acres under roof, we have the capacity to serve you. Trust us with your heavy haul equipment needs and learn that when we say "with you down the road," it is more than a slogan. It is our promise and commitment to you.


"Buckner Trailers has consistently exceeded my expectations in quality, service, and craftsmanship. Their products perform reliably in the field and their commitment to service is second to none. When it comes to my heavy haul needs, Buckner is always at the front of my mind." - Ronald Frick, Poindexter Transport Inc.



Member of SC&RA

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Buckner Trailers
100 Industrial Drive. PO Box 590. Springville, AL 35146
Phone: 205-467-3903