Welcome to Buckner Trailers

At Buckner Trailers, we provide repair, refurbishing, and modification services on a wide range of equipment, including Liddell®, Fontaine®, Trail King®, XL Specialized®, Etnyre® and Talbert®. Our team has decades of experience modifying existing equipment and building specialty components to fit up to existing trailers. We also serve as a dealer/broker of used heavy haul transportation equipment.

In addition, we can build custom trailers and components to fit your exact needs. We specialize in designing and building trailers that are as unique as the companies that put them to work.

Your business is built on hard work and dedication – so is ours. Trust us with your heavy haul equipment needs and learn that when we say “with you down the road,” it is more than a slogan. It is our promise and commitment to you.